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Most rashes can be cured

There are several types of skin rashes that may cause discomfort and they have many causes. When treating rashes at home never use lotions that have perfume or other ingredients that may irritate the skin and make problems worse. Use only topical creams and treatments labelled for treatment of rashes.

Some rashes called dermatitis are the result of extremely dry skin. If you wash your hands or body too often you could be washing away the natural oils that protect your skin from the elements or damaging the tiny pores that deliver oil and sweat to your skins surface. The skin dries out, becomes painful and could even crack and bleed. Switch to a mild cleanser and apply a moisturizer to the affected area. Often sufferers find relief through lotions that contain oatmeal and calomine. Psoriasis is caused by an overproduction of skin cells and lotions can often help control the problem by moisturizing the skin. Prescription lotions specifically designed to treat psoriasis can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Some allergies cause a rash on the skin. The rash may not necessarily be caused by something you got on your skin but could also be an airborne or food allergy. Allergic reactions can often be helped by using an antihistamine. Some plants such as poison ivy produce oils that produce an itchy rash. If you suspect a contact reaction make sure to wash the area thoroughly before applying any soothing lotions or the symptoms will persist. Insect bites can sometimes become swollen and irritated and are best treated with a hydrocortisone cream.

Choose your lotions carefully

Some apparent skin rashes are actually a form of acne and might be irritated by the wrong type of lotion. Check the labels for ingredients that may clog pores and make acne worse. On the other hand a good facial lotion can help your skin balance and counteract the drying affects of acne treatments.

Diaper rash is caused by friction and overexposure to moisture and acid. If your child suffers from diaper rash there are many good creams and lotions designed for this purpose. They are quite thick in order to form a protective layer of cream between the diaper and the baby’s skin to prevent further damage. Make sure to clean the area well but gently before applying the cream. Be aware that some childhood ailments such as measles and chicken pox can look like rashes. The appearance of a rash after introduction of a new prescription medicine could be an outward sign of serious complications that require a doctor’s attention immediately.

Some rashes are caused by bacterial infections and need to be treated with antibiotic ointment. Ringworm, athletes? foot and some forms of diaper rash are caused by fungus and need antifungal treatments. If your rash symptoms get worse instead of better discontinue the treatment and re-evaluate your rash. Sometimes a rash is a sign of serious problems such as skin cancer. It?s a good idea to invest in a sun block lotion to prevent such problems before they start. And if you get into trouble with meds in Cincinnati drug treatment is well provided at Ridge Hill.

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